Start to Cook!

I have raved over this awesome cookbook for quite some time but I’ve been holding onto it for my own kids until the right time, even though they’ve hinted and asked to cook with me. I wanted it to be right, and I’m so glad I had it on hand ready when the time was right. They say that to really get your kids excited about eating their dinner, to bring them in on the process, from letting them choose to letting them help. So I decided to let them cook!

Our test run involved made-from-scratch pancakes and smoothies and cinnamon toast, all of which are recipes in the book. I love that the recipe book feels like an adult book, with excellent photos and descriptions and recipes that any adult would approve of (beef stew and paella, anyone?). But it breaks the recipes down in detail and gives the “why” so it really becomes a family affair.

In the end we were filled up with what the kids named “Big, Fat Pancakes” and it was a joy to hear them tell their friends about the dinner they made. Now our cookbook is tabbed and ready to go again!

Comment here and I’ll email you a recipe!

Find this book and others at, click “Shop Now”. What’s for dinner tonight?

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