My Favorite Adult Coloring Book!

Today is Sunday, the day we try hard to rest. We started a tradition of following church in the morning with leftovers from the week for lunch (bonus that we start Monday with a cleaned out fridge that way) and in the evenings we do frozen pizza and a movie. We aren’t perfect at doing this but the goal is to rest.

This week has been weird–we got sick (who hasn’t?!), so there were a few days where the house just added dirty dishes to dirty floors, and when we came home from church today, I looked around and felt this heaviness…not the kind of rest I hoped for for Sunday, but work to clean everywhere I looked. I have had some big goals with my Usborne business, working the beginning of this year on reorganizing and prioritizing, and I wanted to sit down and enjoy processing out some of that (which is more fun than work for me). But instead I had to roll up the sleeves and get to cleaning (hubs has been an attending on service the last ten days, meaning he’s not been home much and super exhausted. Being a doctor’s wife means we learn the gist of going through several weeks of hardly seeing dad and just buckle down and hang tight until he’s done with the rotation).

Anyway, after trying to convince the kids of eating their leftovers and cleaning dishes and toys and more, I gave in and decided to call it family day. We learned a new game–Sleeping Queens, find it on Amazon, highly recommend for the whole family! (The pic below is one of the queens, I thought I needed her outfit!! Haha!) And afterwards we pulled out the coloring books. I had just gotten watercolor markers for Christmas and couldn’t wait to try them out.

Usborne has a fantastic collection of Adult Coloring Books, from patterns from several different countries to floral designs and mandalas to my favorite: Quotes! And my favorite of the four in the collection is Literary Quotes. They are thick, perforated, poster paper with famous literary quotes from all over. This book has Shel Silverstein and Winnie the Pooh but also has a poem from Jorge Luis Borges and the Diary of Anne Frank and more, each with incredible designs!

What I loved about doing this with my kids is that they sat longer and wanted to color more and with more detail because mom was doing it too. They gained a bigger interest in art because I was able to confirm its importance with them, even if it’s just coloring. And it totally changed the mood in the house–for me too!

Now I just need help deciding what color that flower on the right should be… hmm… 😉

PS. There’s a Quotes from Shakespeare book too!

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