Learn about Cultures and Government with these Great New Titles!


My husband is part of a very small portion of the US military that works in clinical research labs around the globe, which gives us the incredible opportunity to not only tag along sometimes to visit, but to also live in some of those places! This fall, we expect to be stationed in Africa for a few years. We are excited about the opportunity! (Don’t worry, I’ll still be your book lady from afar… maybe with some cooler stories to tell!). 😉

But one thing I’ve been looking for is a book that will help my kids in the transition from here to there. We are excited to go but my kids don’t have a clue yet about some of the new things we will see and learn. Now, thanks to the new title “Here and There”, we can learn about how different cultures around the world do the same things we do, in their own way! It is one of my favorite new title releases from the Spring 2018 release. You’ll definitely want a copy in your home! Not only does it share some information about the countries, but it does it in a beautifully illustrated way while giving tons of things to talk about on the page. You’ll love it!


We also have the new title, “Understanding Politics and Government” which so incredibly describes TONS of information about all things government. You won’t believe the questions it answers! Take a peek inside the books in this video here!

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