Kane Miller Tiny Teasers

Kane Miller represents most of the “and More” part of “Usborne Books AND MORE”. The books that come from this publisher always astound me to their creativity and sense of adventure. On this website you can find a slew of little trailers for their books! These are a great way to find out more about their products. I’ve included a few favorites below that prove that ANYONE can love books, even if they say they don’t. They just may not have found the right one for them yet.

What kind of reader do you have?

  1. The “What’s Going On” Reader

2. The Goal-Oriented Reader

3. The “Re-Reader”

4. The “Why” Reader

5. The Book Snob

6. The Hopelessly Devoted Reader

7. The Practical Reader

8. The Critic

9. The “Too Busy for Books” Reader

10. The Book Buster

11. The Linear Reader

12. The “Best at Bedtime” Reader

13. The Multi-Tasker

14. The Anti-Reader