Hosting a Party!


Why host a party??

Home show, facebook party, book fair, book drive, charity event, baby shower, fundraisers, coloring parties and more… what kind of event suits you best? When you are the hostess, you earn the rewards. Each month Usborne offers different reward amounts for sales totals for parties (you basically get a big blank check to Usborne for freebies!), plus half price and other discounted books! For book drives and book fairs, Usborne matches your sales for 50% back in free books for the organization! We also have “Cards for a Cause” fundraisers and other exciting ways to raise money for books for different causes.


Why host a FACEBOOK party??

This is the most common event I do, and I LOVE it. All you do is invite your friends to join us at the same time on a special group page on Facebook. I make all the party posts and we chat with your guests together, have some games, I mail some prizes, and we all have a great time from our separate computers in our pj’s! This is a fantastic way for us to connect while still being able to be home with our little ones, usually once they go to bed in the evening. There’s very little to do, and much to gain in rewards! I’d love to chat with you more about hosting a party.


Are you a current hostess? Click here to get some helpful tips on how to have a FANTASTIC Facebook party!!