Fundraisers and Book Drives

Do you have an organization that needs books? It can be as small as your day care’s play room to as big as the children’s hospital, we can help you get 50% back of all books purchased completely free for your organization.

I’m currently looking for organizations of all kinds to support. Message me or call me so we can talk through some big ideas on how to make your book drive as big as it can be! Sharing free books with kids is why I do this business!


Cards for a Cause

Need a fundraiser for your kids’ trip, dance class, or band group? What about for your friend’s adoption, or your church event? Ordering card boxes to sell is a fantastic way to raise money. These high-quality cards come 30 in a box for $30, and are fantastic for every event you may need a card for. They are higher quality than the $4-5 ones you would buy in the store, and the organization selling the boxes gets to keep their profit up front, not waiting for a return amount from Usborne. Email me for more details! AmysUsborne@gmail.comFLYER

Here’s a sample someone else made of the cards inside the Kid’s Birthday Box. Aren’t they beautiful?!

Click here to find more information at the official page from Usborne Books and More! 


Book Drives  

Want to bless an organization close to your heart with books? I can host an event for you to share with people who may also want to bless the organization. All sales, either bought as gifts for the organization or as personal purchases, will be matched at 50% to go back in sales to the organization (with a minimum of $250 in purchases). In addition, we can also set up a coordinating link to accept donations! These donations will go towards books bought for the organization which in turn will produce 50% more in book profit. This is an incredible way to bless an organization. This is very popular with foster care agencies! There’s no cap on how big you can grow this book donation!

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Literacy For a Lifetime

Does your organization have funds for education? What if I said we could give you MORE than you can pay for? Literacy for a Lifetime is a program that allows organizations to purchase books and they will receive a grant from Usborne Books and More for an additional 50% back in totally FREE books–free shipping too! Why spend money on books elsewhere when you can see a huge immediate return on investment on the best educational books on the market?! 

The following info comes directly from Usborne Books and More:

  • “Donations or grants are given to the organization or school. The organization or school will choose the books they would like to receive from the Usborne Books & More catalog.
  • The total of the books will equal 150% of the amount given. 100% will be purchased with the donation or grant money and the other 50% will be donated by Usborne Books & More.
  • Donations may qualify as tax deductible.
  • Donations must be a minimum of $250.
  • The organization or school can choose from over 1800 Usborne and Kane Miller titles.
  • Free Shipping applies.
  • The matching grant program can be used as often as needed with no maximum on the amount that can be donated or matched.”

Contact me to find out more!



Cuddle Bear Book Drives

A very special book drive collects and donates Cuddle Bear books and plush bears to kids who could use an extra snuggle, while donating a portion of the proceeds every time this book is purchased to research on pediatric cancer. What organization could use some extra cuddles?