My Story

Welcome to my book page! I became an Usborne Books and More consultant in September 2015 somewhat on accident. I knew I loved these books, I knew I couldn’t get them just anywhere, and I knew signing up would enable me to get them at an awesome deal. What I didn’t know what how it would bless me. (Read a little more about why I love being a part of Usborne Books and More on the “Join My Team” page!)


I am a mom to two kids, a kindergartener who loves Star Wars and Legos and a three year old who loves ballet and babies. I am married to an Army doctor and we have moved all around in the pursuit of medical knowledge. I’m from South Carolina, we moved to Chicago for the medical school years, then to Hawaii for residency, and to just outside DC in Bethesda, Maryland for fellowship.

My Usborne story begins with a book called “Look Inside an Airport” which we discovered when we were transitioning from Hawaii to Maryland and we were stuck in a hotel and an empty house for something like 6 weeks. We found this book and I was floored by how much my son LOVED it. He was 3 and a half and sat for hours, which was such a blessing when our 6 month old needed to nap in our tiny hotel room. (Here they are, not napping…but being quiet!)


I didn’t know that this book was from a direct-selling company called Usborne Books and More, but I did know it was way cool and I needed to find more. That year for Christmas, my mother-in-law sent my kids 25 books of Christmas (one to open every day), and most of them were Usborne books. She had begun to love them and started sharing with us. We were thrilled!


Around April, a friend of mine hosted a party on Facebook and I knew it was my chance to grab some more. When the consultant personally reached out to me to find out about my kids, we hit it off right away and she convinced me I could have my own party and load up on freebies! I couldn’t resist..


These are just some of the total we had by the time that party was done, we made out like bandits!! It was then that she said to me, “you know, if you sign up, you could get 25% off all your book orders to come!” Visions of stress-free birthday presents for any and all on my list made me pretty happy, I knew there were no requirements, that I could just get the discount, so I said OK and dove in. Then I had my own kick-off party which earned me loads more free books!! By this time I had a bunch of friends ready to host their own parties and get free books. I wasn’t prepared to start a business, but I was having a great time so I said ok! I joined Semptember 11, 2015, and by the time I stopped for my Christmas break on December 10th (just three months), I had earned many many free books, earned a full kit refund on my enrollment, earned several incentives, had two recruits, had a load of fresh books for our Christmas, had helped many many people get great books into their homes, and had enough cash in the bank to go out and buy a brand new laptop just for me! I felt like the Lord just kept opening doors and blessing me through Usborne!


After Christmas I took a break and didn’t really recharge my Usborne batteries until I saw what a blessing a book fair could be for my son’s preschool. I asked and was told their normal book fairs don’t go super well so not to expect much. I set up shop there for 3 days at drop off and pick up, and sold over $900 in books to a school of 80 students, which earned the school over $450 in free high-quality books of their choice for their classrooms. That was such a huge blessing to me!!



I got excited about doing the business again and was able to go to a regional conference in Atlanta in August, 2016, fired up to start back full steam in September having met the people I talk to online all the time and learned many things about how to handle this business. It was so exciting to me to connect with women who get to share books like I do and be encouraged how to be successful, while still putting my family first.


These ladies are seriously a great team, so fun and helpful! Plus I racked up on fun goodies for going! 🙂


Since then my team has grown with some incredible women, I’ve been able to promote to team leader, and am moving forward with this! Even if the Army moves us again, we will be able to pick this up and keep moving because it’s an amazing way to share something with everyone. I also get to involve my kids in the business and they LOVE it!! My son asks all the time if he can help me with my book fairs. This particular book fair pictured earned over $200 in free books for his kindergarten teacher!


I also just love how much my kids are growing and learning thanks to Usborne.

Even my husband has been enjoying learning from these books! This one is First Thousand Words in Hebrew with internet-linked resources. He studied it all Christmas break!


I figure the best way to bless a momma is to bless her children, and this blesses dads, grandparents, and teachers too! I could go on and on with fun stories. You never know who might love to read these and who you may bless with one.

So glad you’re here! Have a look around and be sure to email me if you have any questions. I’d love to chat with you!