About Amy


Welcome to Amy’s Usborne Books! I became an Usborne Books and More Consultant in September 2015 somewhat on accident. I knew I loved these books, I knew I couldn’t get them just anywhere, and I knew signing up would enable me to get them at an awesome deal.

What I didn’t know is how it would bless me.

I immediately shared the news that I had made this seemingly crazy decision with family and friends, and was completely blown away by the excited responses. I booked my first party and had a blast on Facebook with so many of my friends and family, and they went nuts over it. Pretty soon I was hitting these extra goals, all the while earning all these extra books and freebies I didn’t even know were going to come with the deal! And what fun it was on the way, meeting people, having get-togethers in the evenings online in my pjs, joining a superb team, and suddenly having extra income and books…I was completely blown away.

Usborne has given me more than a paycheck. It’s given me tools to teach my children (no, I’m not a homeschooler, although hundreds of these are part of many homeschool curricula). It has given me something good to put my energy into, both for me, and for my kids. It has given my kids something to be proud of about me (sounds silly, but it’s true! They help me and tell people proudly that I sell books!). It’s given me friendships I treasure. It’s given me flexibility to be available for my family, yet earn a little extra.

My Usborne team is family. I’d love to chat with you about how you can become a part of my family. Find out much more about my story here.